FP7 Solar and PV Energy

FASTTRACK - Accelerated development and prototyping of nano-technology-based high-efficiency thin-film silicon solar modules   SUMMIT - Smart large lightweight long life Multifunctional PV Module Technology for large Power Installations and Distributed Energy Generation   CPV4ALL - Novel CPV system fit for mass production, for electricity costs beyond grid parity and for applications in B2B, industrial and residential areas

FP7 Energy

    ENERGEO - Earth observation for monitoring and assessment of the environmental impact of energy use

FP7 Fuel Cell and Hydrogen

PHAEDRUS - High Pressure Hydrogen All Electrochemical Decentralized RefUeling Station   DEMCOPEM -Demonstration of a combined heat and power 2 MWe PEM fuel cell generator and integration into an existing chlorine production plant    

FP7 Recycling, Waste Water Reduction and Materials Exploration

RESFOOD - Resource Efficient and Safe Food Production and Processing   AQUAFIT4USE -Water in Industry, Fit-for-Use Sustainable Water Use in Chemical, Paper, Textile and Food Industry  

BLUE MINING - Breakthrough Solutions for the Sustainable Eploration and Extraction of Deep Sea Resources


FP7 Nano, Materials & Process Technology

AXIOMA - Smart Release of Biocides in Finishing Materials for the Sector of Contructions   ROPAS - Roll-to-roll PAper Sensors    ADAPTIWALL - Multi-functional light-weight WALL panel based on ADAPTive Insulation
and nanomaterials for energy efficient buildings



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